About FayToday

About FayToday


Welcome to FayToday!

FayToday is an Online Community News, Social Media, & Resource Guide for the Fayetteville, NC area. Check for community news, upcoming events, and media galleries.




to inform, showcase, and empower local residents of the Cumberland County and Fayetteville metro area through content distributed via web technology, social media marketing, and design.

to assist local small businesses, self-employed, and home-based businesses with online advertising and social media marketing

to develop a volunteer news network and channel of local residents who collectively contribute positive news, highlight community activism, submit media content, add business reviews, and provide real-time updates of the Fayettville/Cumberland County, NC community



FayToday is an ongoing strategic project to help residents, businesses, and students.  Our followers may describe FayToday as:

  • Online Help Desk
  • Your Digital Neighbor
  • Real-time Magazine
  • Media Channel
  • Complementing News Site
  • Social Cause Promoter
  • Online Marketeer
  • Online Social Community




FayToday was created to inform and empower local residents.  Join our facebook to get real-time updates, faster than many major news sources and from a variety of amateur sources.  Our eye-witness news and social media updates will keep you informed anytime something big happens in the community!  View first-hand photos or even submit your own!


Have a new business?  Want to be a new business?  FayToday will help new businesses and inspiring entrepreneurs reach out to the community.  Our social media marketing platform was built to help others, so share your new business on our facebook fanpage or ask about any local resources that can help you get established.  Our network of nearly 10,000 people is a great start for marketing, branding, and promotions.  We offer free advertising on Saturday’s or you’re welcome to share FREE public event to our subscribers (one per day, and 3 times per week).
Existing small business can inbox us for promotional help.  FayToday also provides social media marketing services.  Previous clients included marketing of paid public events, branding design of logos, flyers, or even business cards, as well as join ventures where we handle the branding in return for sponsorship of your free public event.  Get a free flyer and social media marketing if your event aligns with our goal of providing free events and information to local residents.  Email us at business@faytoday.com or inbox us on Facebook.


Simply put, we are in love with information literacy in this computer era.  Mix that with a passion for helping the local community and you have FayToday.

Our social network is fueled by social activism, operated by Kres Thomas and a crowd of local participants who create and share content on our online community.  We like to call this user-generated content, which is the new news of our times.

Doesn’t the world seem like each action is tweeted, updated on facebook, or images posted to an instagram?  Well help curate all public posts in one spot to deliver the news quickly and first hand.  If you’re a news junkie, then you’ll love us …if you think Fayetteville is boring, then you’ll love us …if you want to know how to help your community, then you’re in the right spot.  “Like” Fayetteville Today!
FayToday is not connected or affiliated with any business, city government, non-profits, or existing organizations.


Now looking for guest bloggers, volunteer photogs, and new sponsors



  • We feel printed info is less used and computer use will increase
  • Web technology has and will impact our daily living, learning processes & work functions
  • We love “seeing” as much as “reading” these days
  • We love to help promote ‘under-publicized’ events, organization, & activism now covered by major news sources
  • Social networking is powerful and well-connected




About Us

Our First Logo (2009)



Facebook:  http://facebook.com/FayToday –  Fay To Day profile on facebook

Email:    myfaytoday@gmail.com



Upcoming Projects

by FayToday & Elucid Marketing
  • FayDeals –  Local Shopping Deals Info
  • FayPets –  Local Pets Social Network
  • Business News by FayToday – Local Business News and Resources
  • Fayetteville Church Media  –  Local Church Info & Media
  • FayTonite – Find a Local Party, Concert, or other Nightlife Events
  • Fay 26 –  Urban News and Social Media Entertainment
  • Bragg Today – Fort Bragg NC News & Social Media

These projects are slated to become active on Facebook to attract local followers.  Contact us to become a sponsor, admin of the fanpage, or for more information on how to help out.