From the moving emotions of the latest crime news, FayToday has launched a new online social networking page created to share crime alerts, information and news.

Please join our Facebook fanpage at Watch Out Cumberland County to stay connected.  FayToday will share helpful information as soon as it comes in, include ways to join a community watch group, community events, new crime information around town, and more.

Please help us by sharing the image below to help grow our social network.  By connecting with other residents, we can actively be vigilant on criminal activity and better prepare for any safety measures.

Watch Out Cumberland County is not affiliated with any city organizations, government, or law enforcement agencies.  It is solely operated by FayToday.  The network is not for any vigilante or vengeance, but to be vigilant as the eyes and ears linked across the county.  To know is half the battle and a great way to be informed, be alert, and be safe!





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