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2013 Cumberland County Election Filings

2013 Cumberland County Election Filings

cumberland county election

Election season is in the beginning stages with the first filings of the 2013 Cumberland County election closing on July 19th.

The first primary will be on October 8th and final elections are November 5th.



Board of Elections

227 Fountainhead Lane

Fayetteville, NC 28301


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Mayor of Fayetteville

== Val Applewhite

== Kirk deViere

== Charles Ragan

== Nat Robertson


Fayetteville City Council, District 1

== Kathy Keefe Jensen

== Jerry Reinoehl


Fayetteville City Council, District 2

== Kady-Ann Davy


Fayetteville City Council District 3

== Mitch Colvin


Fayetteville City Council, District 4

== Chalmers “Chet” McDougald


Fayetteville City Council, District 5

== Bobby Hurst

== Kenneth Kleiner


Fayetteville City Council, District 6

== Gary Blackwell

== Bill Crisp

== Mary Ferguson


Fayetteville City Council, District 7

== Larry O. Wright Sr.

== Curtis Worthy


Fayetteville City Council, District 8

== Ted Mohn

== Jimmy Holland Jr.

== Michael Pinkston


Fayetteville City Council, District 9

== Sylvia Adamczyk

== Charlotte Robinson

== Ronnie L. Peele

== Jim Arp


Mayor of Hope Mills

== Jackie Warner


Hope Mills Board of Commissioners

== Tonzie Collins

== Pat Edwards

== Jerry Legge

== Bryan A. Marley

== Matt Hoerner

== Bob Gorman


Mayor of Eastover

== Charles McLaurin


Eastover – Town Council
== Randy Lee

== Benny Pearce

== Donald C. Hudson

== Lawrence Buffaloe


Eastover Sanitary District

== Helen Crumpler

== Liz Reeser


Mayor of Spring Lake

== Chris Rey


Spring Lake – Board of Aldermen

== James Christian

== Richard P. Higgins

== James P. O’Garra

== Densie Lucas

== Fredricka Sutherland

== Steve Starnes

== Napoleon Hogans


Mayor of Falcon

none reported


Falcon – Board of Commissioners

== Clifton L. Turpin Jr.

== Wiley Clark

== John Wesley Gipson

== Jerry Lucas



Mayor of Godwin

== Willie Junious Burnette


Godwin – Board of Commissioners

== Ronnie E. Willet Jr.

== Gayle Braxton

== Robert McKenzie

== Darold Dugger

== Donald McIntyre


Mayor of Linden


Linden – Board of Commissioners

== Betsy Small

== Barbara C. Denning

== Frances Collier

== Marie Butler


Mayor of Stedman

== Billy Horne


Stedman – Board of Commissioners

== Martin “Mardy” Jones

== Jeremy George


Mayor of Wade

== Joe Dixon

== Johnny Lanthorn


Wade – Board of Commissioners

== Ray Edwards

== John C. “Butch” Nunnery

== Noelle Kendrick

== Donovan Smith

== Ann C. Long

== Kenneth Griffin

== Johnny B. Sawyer


Cumberland County Election

To follow the 2013 Cumberland County election or learn more about the policies and procedures, please follow the links below.

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